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Welcome to the Cybatrons Free Network!
This site and network was born from the idea people should be able to enjoy themselves online, without worrying if they can afford to use the services they find. Seriously! Let's face facts!

Some websites offer you free services with the option to upgrade to their pay services. However, as a free member, you're forced to use a crippled system, often choked with unscreened ads. Some of these unscreened ads even lead to places filled with hidden nasties of all types. Some of which can even damage your computer.

What good is a free host if they put horrible, annoying popups, popunders, wiggly, jiggly, flashy ads everywhere, and cover content your visitors are trying to access? None! You work hard to make your site nice. It should stay nice! Any ads on sites hosted by us are carefully screened for quality, content, and safety, and do not cover up your content. They are placed as unobtrusively as possible, and every purchase made through these selected advertisers earns a little toward the server hosting costs. This helps support your site and services, as well as your neighbors on the network. It also means all sites on this free network are safe to whitelist, and we ask you to do so to help support the free for services offered.

Beehive forum and Ajax Chat software allow us to host online communities with little ad intrusion. We place a banner rotation in the header and on a donations page. Ads also display on the message board after the first message, then again after every ninth message. The ads you see have been carefully screened. We 'do not' allow popup, popunder, wiggly, jiggly, flashy, or adult content website ads. The only time you will get a new window from an advertiser is if you actually click on their ad. This allows you to check out their product, and if you like, buy it without having to leave the site you're visiting. When you're done, simply close the window. :)