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Cybatrons Free Network is dedicated to not only helping you find good, useful, safe, free services and products online, but to providing a nice selection of free services as well. Come check us out! FIND SOME FREEDOM AND ENJOY!

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Cybatons Free Network

Welcome to the Cybatrons Free Network!
This site was born from the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy themselves online, without worrying about whether or not they can afford to use the services they find. Seriously! Let's face facts!

Some websites offer you a few free services. But as a free member, you're forced to use a crippled system, often choked with annoying and inappropriate advertisements. Some of these improperly screened advertisements even lead to websites filled with hidden little nasties of all types, which can damage your computer.

This is where the Cybatrons Free Network comes in to help. All our member websites offer free membership and a variety of good, free-for-use services. CFN member sites offer services like free hosting for forums and chats, or free hosting for PHPBB minisites with chat. What is a minisite? A minisite is a phpBB forum with up to 12 subforums on a main board. Each minisite comes with integrated Ajax Chat.

What good is a free host if they ruin your efforts with inappropriate, poorly screened advertisements? If they put horrible, annoying popups, popunders, wiggly, jiggly, flashy advertisements everywhere? None! You work hard to make your places look nice. They should stay nice! Any advertisements will be carefully screened for quality, content, and safety. They're also placed as unobtrusively as possible, while still being able to do their job. Which is helping to support the free-for-use services you yourself are using.

Where Beehive forums system is used for forums hosting, advertisements in the forums are restricted to the header and a featured advertiser page. Where phpBB forums boards are used to provide minisite hosting, advertisements may be shown in the header and footer. On CFN member website pages, advertisements may be placed in different areas. Also, for your convenience, all advertisements open a new window when clicked. When you're done visiting the advertiser's website, simply close the window.

Automatic popup, popunder, wiggly, jiggly, flashy advertisements are strictly prohibited throughout the CFN. If you see one, report it to management[at] It will be tracked down, removed, and the member website warned. If they continue using them, they may lose their membership. We want you to enjoy these websites and their services, and be safe using them.

If you're interested in the free-for-use services provided by the CFN member websites, please feel free to check them out. They can be accessed from this very page, and others. If you would like hosting for a forum or minisite, just fill out the application you find at the member website where you would like hosting services. Hosting services are set up manually by the member website's staff and ready within 24 hours. Usually much faster, but allow up to 24 hours. Also, please remember, all staff members are volunteers. They receive no payment for their service. Other than the occasional thanks from you.

Check out our member websites and their free-for-use services. Join up and...FIND SOME FREEDOM AND ENJOY!